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Price-Tracker is a free price tracker that monitors many Amazon products. The tool notifies you when prices drop and allows you to buy at a better price.
Price-Tracker is a tool that monitors the prices of items sold on Amazon. A search engine is integrated on our tool, which offers the possibility to search directly for a certain product. Price-Tracker also allows you to create alerts to be notified when prices drop. Finally, for each item, our tool displays a price history for the last weeks/months.

You don't always see the lowest price. We compare different Amazon sellers and products for you to look for the biggest discounts so we can offer you the lowest price.
Not sure if it's the right time to buy this item? Check Amazon's price history to see how the prices of different products have fluctuated, so you can make your decision.
If you are interested in one or several products, you can enter your email address and we will inform you as soon as we spot a price drop.
You can track the price of products with our free tool. You can search for a product directly in the search bar, or filter your search by category, price or discount with the filter search.
If you are interested in a product, you can create an alert by entering your email address to be notified of a price drop. When our site records a discount on the product you are interested in, you will be informed by email.

Each product page contains a graph of price variations over time. The graph includes

  • the Amazon price curve, which is the price set for new items when Amazon is the seller;
  • the third-party seller new price curve, which is the price set by third-party sellers for new items;
  • and a third-party seller's used price curve, which is the price set by third-party sellers for used items.

Pricing and availability data is constantly updated from Amazon to be as accurate as possible.

The use of our features is completely free.